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Welcome to Sailing.Pics and thanks for visiting our website!

We are photographers specialized in taking pictures and video of sailors and their boats, when they do what they love the most - sailing – whether it is in a regatta or cruising.


As photographers, we see it as our most important assignment to capture; stories, movements and emotions in action. It applies regardless whether it is on land, on the water or from above with a drone. We enjoy being on the water together with the sailors facing the challenges it is to capture high quality pictures.

We have many years of experience within yachting, from dingy and keelboat sailing - racing and cruising. That is why our tagline is: Pictures of Sailors by Sailors.



Sailing.Pics is a community of photographers who are passionate about sailing - and yes, photography.

Why is it so fun to take sailing photos?

From a photographer perspective, it is fun because it is challenging and demanding to take pictures on the water.

Imagine that the photographer, and by that the camera, is moving in all possible directions – and so does the sailboat and the sailors. Getting a sharp picture with a good composition is a demanding task to accomplish. To ensure we can deliver a reasonable amount of high quality images to our customers afterwards, it is not abnormal a photographer shoots between 1.200-1.400 pictures on a typical two hours photoshoot.

Another thing the photographer needs to take into consideration, is protecting his gear from bumps, scratches and the elements like wind, rain and salt water. Especially when he is sailing 25 knots in big waves, in a RIB, with the camera dangling around his neck, because he wants to be at the top mark at the right time.


We hope you will enjoy our pictures. We are looking forward to have you as a regular visitor on our website.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards

Kristian Joos, Founder Sailing.Pics

Image by Geran de Klerk


Kristian Joos

Kristian Joos

Hi, I’m Kristian. A photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I'm self-taught with a sincere passion for all things photographic, beautiful light, admirable spaces and of cause wonderful sailboats and their crew doing what they love the most - sailing.

I have not limited myself to work with only one image category. I like to work with all of the artistic elements; line, form, texture, composition, light and shadow.

I’m adventurous and enjoy to bring my camera in my expeditions (explore more here...) or other exiting places or situations.

I have been sailing my entire life. Either as a helmsman or as part of a crew.  

My involvement has been broad including; cruising, racing, development of young talented sailors and teaching sailing.

I’m exited about sailing photography. The challenges and possibilities are numerous. It’s a fun and exiting area within sports photography, because everything and everyone is constantly moving in a sometimes harsh and unfriendly environment.


No matter the size of the project I always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job and it's my priority to make sure everyone goes home happy! 


Learn more:


Mogens Hansen

Photography and sailing have been a significant part of my life since my youth.


From my youth and still today I have been cruising, racing and teaching sailing. I like to combine the 2 fields to capture and convey the beauty, action and emotions regardless of whether it is the finetuned intensity at world championships or the joy of kids learning how to sail.


I enjoy several genres of photography, but sports photography – in particular sailing photography – is special for me. But I also do landscape, portrait and reportage photography.

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